New Zealand Multiple Birth Association

Frequently Asked Questions


What do multiple birth clubs do?  

Answer: Support parents, provide information, connect multiple birth families together. Click here to find out more


Where is the closest club to my home? 

Answer: There are multiple birth clubs all over New Zealand,  find your local club here.


What do I get out of joining a Multiple Birth Club? 

Answer: Discounts, free box of newborn Huggies nappies, information, friendship and lots more! Find out the range of services offered. Each club offers different services, click here to see what your local club offers.


Does It Cost Anything? 

Answer: Yes there is a small charge to join a club, each club has different fees, to find out the cost click on the club closest to you.


Do I need to join the Multiples NZ as well as my club?

Answer:  No, when you join your local multiple birth club, you will automatically become an affiliated member of the Multiples NZ. 


Are all multiples born prematurely?

Answer: No, for more information about the likelihood of having premature multiples click here. 


How will I cope with two or more babies?

Answer: Adrenalin, chocolate, good information from the multiples community, caring friends, parents kind words to each other, being prepared, and lots of help will get you through. To find out more click here. 


What help is available? 

Government homehelp is available if you already have a child under 5 years old (link to Expectant parents/Social Support and Entitlements). Family, friends, your local multiple birth club and your local community will be invaluable support. Find out more about getting help here


Where do I get more information about multiple birth?

Common topics are discussed here