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Surprise Joy Fear Elation Overwhelmed Worry

It often takes time to get used to the idea of more than one baby. You will probably have lots of questions. You have come to the right place!

To Help Prepare:


The best place for expectant parents to learn about multiple pregnancy, to meet other's pregnant with multiples, or get information or support, is through a multiple birth club.  Most larger centres in New Zealand have a club. Check them out.....they are really great people!!  Normal people - they just have two or three babies - at once!  Like you, they used to be scared witless, with a thousand questions and wondering what now!!???  Now they are helping others to adjust, learn and prepare.


Once the surprise, shock and disbelief have passed, most people then want information. Information on multiple pregnancy is key to making good decisions, caring for yourself and your babies,and working in partnership with your LMC. The Multiples NZ and clubs have a range of free information for members.
- Information freely available via club and Multiples NZ membership include:


Resource Booklets

Free to members, or purchase them from us.


Multiple Pregnancy Where to from here     And one makes two     The First Year     Precious Premmies



Multiple Matters Magazine - Full Multiples NZ members get a hard copy, club affiliates get electronic access via our website and access to all back issues.

Multiple specific ante-natal information nights or classes Search for classes near you here:







Library Books and Video Resources.  Many clubs have libraries, check if the one near you does:



Successfully growing, birthing, feeding, sleeping and caring for two or more babies is logistically very different to one baby. Planning ahead will help you feel a greater sense of control, and therefore lower your stress levels. However, holding your plans lightly, being flexible, and aware that this plan may have to change due to your or your babies health, is also vital if you want to avoid disappointment. Multiple pregnancy is inherently less predictable than a singleton pregnancy and learning the needs of two or more young babies can take time. So, be kind to yourself!

Things Think About:

  • Older Children
  • Feeding
  • Sleeping - Babies, and YOU!
  • Neonatal Unit
  • Equipment - nappies, buggies, cots and all that STUFF!
  • Getting Out and About
  • Setting Up Your Home
  • Organising Helpers

All these topics are addressed in our Resource Booklets.  For a free copy join a club today or buy here.


Get Help

For all pregnancy related issues, firstly talk to your LMC.

For concerns about your midwifery care, contact the NZ College of Midwives, or your local DHB.

For questions about complex health issues for your unborn babies contact the Maternal Fetal Medicine Network.

For advice regarding care concerns or any other multiple birth issue contact the Multiples NZ, .

For Practical Assistance in Pregnancy 



 Older Children

When multiples arrive in a second or subsequent pregnancy, parents main concern is often for the older children and how they will cope. They also worry how they will find the time to meet the varying needs of their children with two or more newborns. To read more about how other families managed read here:

Parents also wonder if there is government or financial help available. Help is available if you already have a child under 5. Read more about this here.



Connect with Others

but-facebook-nzmbaEven if you live in an isolated area, there is no reason to feel alone. You can join our community as soon as multiples are diagnosed, and remain a member as long as you wish.

Join our Facebook Group today to meet others expecting multiples in your area.